#03: Walkecino with Bill Pats

Brett and Shaun have two episodes worth of talk about fake lottery winners, Van Damme film Time Cop, and Muppets with Bill Pats, who spins some classic yarns.

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2 Responses to #03: Walkecino with Bill Pats

  1. Glenn Gordon says:

    Well, it goes on and on.

    I took offense to most of it

    Especially the parts about Lonnie Andersons breasts.

    I still have a picture of them ( the breasts) in my locker. At School.

    And I didn’t know how Rockie One ended . And I saw it

    G. Gordon

    • Shaun says:

      Thanks dad! Be sure to listen to episode 5…… especially when I talk about my job experiences! That’s something a father would be proud of!

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