About Medium Clever

A podcast featuring hilarious, often absurd conversations between comedians, hosted by Brett Madill and Shaun Stewart.

Beginning as a tin can comedy team in 1952 (as Happy Boy and The Peppermint Louse), Madill and Stewart had to overcome a technology problem; there was no way to record the silly jokes that passed between their tin cans. As the decades passed, the two men often wondered what the word podcast might mean someday, and why they had aged so extremely well. Upon reaching the year 2011, they had acquired enough tin cans and string to build this website, where you can find hours of funny talky bits.

Medium Clever is recorded on wax cylinders in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the scenic Medium Clever Studios. In the heart of the Blue Light Special district, Medium Clever Studios is tucked away and hidden within the bosom of the earth, where it can be found only by comedy-based lifeforms.

Producer Brant Bobby minds the switches and knobs.